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Health Promoters Community Organization

VUELA’s mission is to mobilize and engage parents by offering education, resources, and support that strengthen their sense of self-worth, and promote a healthy change in their families and communities.

Our Mission

VUELA’s primary objective is to engage the Latino community through strategic partnerships that build leadership, promote public health, and foster economic, environmental, and social well-being. A team of Promotoras, passionate cultural and linguistic liaisons who advocate on behalf of the community and build trust between community members and local service agencies, drive its work. Promotoras implement programs designed to address health issues that are preventable through small changes in daily habits.   


Our Programs

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The work of Vuela for Health is thanks to all the collaborations it has from churches, foundations, centers, organizations.


We appreciate our volunteers so much! We are flexible in accommodating your schedule, interests, and needs. Call us today 1.888.SI.SALUD 1.888.(747.2583), to learn more about becoming a volunteer.


CHARLAR participant

In the CHARLAR program I acquired information about:

  • Preventing diseases is better than controlling them or trying to cure them
  • I learned to relax
  • That our diet should include more vegetables

Thanks to the CHARLAR program, I am now eating healthier, I exercise more, I am more aware of the state of my health, and I try to sleep more and live more relaxed.

Diabetes Prevention Program participant

I feel very happy to have participated in the Diabetes Prevention classes. I was motivated to raise awareness of what was happening in my life. In my A1C test, I had a high level of diabetes, I made the decision to look for a clinic and have a medical consultation, I was also diagnosed with high blood pressure… all this made me continue in my classes and put into practice what they taught me weekly.

During the classes, I really liked the motivation to do physical activity, it acquired many tools to take care of my health.
At the moment I have lost 30 pounds, I have my glucose level controlled and my blood pressure as well.


Managing Your Diabetes - Education and Support participant

Recommending the “Managing your diabetes – education and support” program because:

  • I learned to eat a healthy diet
  • All the time they inspired us with confidence to be able to express how we feel about having diabetes
  • They invite specialists (doctors, nutritionists) to clarify specific doubts about diabetes
  • I really like how the classes are taught, the way and the ability of the Vuela team to explain each topic. They follow up, they are very aware of our changes and what we do with our blood tests.