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Light and Clarity

About Light and Clarity

Funded by Caring for Denver Foundation, Luz y Claridad combines three successful programs: Familias Fuertes (Strengthening Families), the Youth Community Advisory Council, and Youth Mental Health First Aid to promote optimal mental health and builds skills that enhance resilience for today’s youth to overcome life’s stresses and pressure.

Caregivers will learn how to improve communication, support their child, and where/how to seek assistance while youth learn from those close in age that have lived through the challenge’s youth are experiencing and can guide and mentor them. Education is also provided to parents/caregivers to aid in recognizing, maintaining and/or healing mental health issues their youth may be facing.

We also provide tools and information to youth to help them recognize and overcome the stressors that present themselves throughout their lives. Education is also provided to the caregivers in the youths lives to aid in recognizing, maintaining and/or healing mental health issues.

One component includes support groups which invite conversation between the women participating while they create art projects such My inner child, The piñata of your emotions, Dream catcher: It is worth dreaming, From caterpillar to butterfly, among others.  These support groups provide each woman the opportunity to learn more about their own feelings and learn to see possibilities they may not have considered.  It may even lead to learning they have a passion for art!

The cross-cultural stressors such as peer pressure, family issues, transitioning to adulthood, drug use etc., are compounded by the broad brush of immigration issues. Luz y Claridad wants to ensure that the youth and their families know mental health issues have no boundaries, that people and resources are available to help and perhaps more importantly, know how to access those resources.

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