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Strengthening Families

In partnership with the City of Denver Safety Department, Familias Fuertes is derived from the University of Iowas Strengthening Families Program.

The family-based universal prevention program fosters a safe and positive environment within Latino families to support youth in resisting peer pressure and avoiding risky behaviors.

The 11 session curriculum includes:

  • Helping parents/caregivers to learn nurturing skills
  • Teachers parents/caregivers effective discipline
  • Gives Youth an increased appreciation of their parent/caregivers
  • Teaches youth skills
  • Imporves families conflict resolution and communication skills

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Before taking the Strengthening Families program I lived with fear and thought I was doing everything wrong, now I live with more confidence, and I have improved my family communication.

Strengthening Families participant

Some things I learned with the Strengthening Families program are:

  • How to talk to my children
  • How to address the issue of drugs with my children
Strengthening Families participant

Some practical skills I gained through the Strengthening Families program are:

  • Listen to the feelings of each family member
  • Take the time for my children to express themselves and give their opinion on issues that happen in our home
Strengthening Families participant

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