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Women’s Health

About Women’s Health

We have helped more than 4,000 women with direct assistance to reduce barriers (including scheduling appointments) to access breast and cervical cancer screening services into health systems. We have also offered education and referrals to mover 10,000 Latina women.


Through our workshops held in schools, churches, and community centers we provide information that stresses the importance of regular mammograms and health check-ups:

  • Know your risk
  • Know your breast
  • When, why, and where we need to go for our physical exam and/or mammogram
  • Taking care of you is taking care of your family 

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At a Health Fair in Centro San Juan Diego, I found support in Vuela for Health for “Women’s Health” because they were giving information about the importance of having a mammogram and finding a clinic.

Vuela for Health guided me through the process of making an appointment and being able to have a clinic, and now I feel calmer because I was able to have blood tests and mammograms done for free.

I recommend that people approach Vuela por Salud so that they guide them in the process of obtaining a clinic so that they can have their exams done.

Women's Health participant

During the class I was taking with Vuela for Health, they asked us if we needed a clinic and I asked for their support.

Thanks to the support of Vuela por Salud through the “Women’s Health” program, I was able to achieve:

  • Free mammogram
  • Pap smear at low cost
  • Diabetes monitoring at low cost

The process to have a clinic and be able to carry out these exams was very easy because Vuela helped me to do it.

Before obtaining the support of resources with Vuela for Health, I was worried about not having a clinic where I could have the studies I needed done. Now, I am very happy to have a clinic and to have been able to do the studies to keep track of my health.

Women's Health participant

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