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Weight Control and Nutrition to Prevent Diabetes (DPP)

In partnership with Denver Health since 2008 ,we are focused on preventing Type 2 diabetes. Using an evidenced-based curriculum we have changed the lives of approximately 4,000 DPP participants, offering at least 16 classes with 300 participants a year. In 2018 we obtained the recognition of the CDC. 

We work with you to prevent Type-2 Diabetes. We start with a 16-week group-based class to help participants:

  • Education and how to mangae your diabetes
  • Nutrition classes and cooking tips (Cooking Matters)
  • All of Us
  • First Aid Certification 
  • Physical Activity FREE classes for all levels
  • Strengthen Families
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid
  • CONFIANZA (Confidence)   
  • A1C (a common blood test used to diagnose type 1 and type 2 diabetes) FREE test

Cohorts start at different times during the year. We highly recommend potential participants call us.


Thanks to taking the Diabetes Prevention program I felt very motivated to make changes in the way I take care of my health. I resumed physical activity (since the pandemic I put it on pause), I reduced the food portions, I stopped drinking sodas and juices and I started drinking water.
Thanks to the healthy changes I made in my habits, in the 16 weeks of the program I lost 19 pounds.

Diabetes Prevention Program participant

I recommend that people enter the Diabetes Prevention Program if they have a goal of losing weight for their health and well-being.
Being in this group helped me, because I started to lose weight by myself (3 or 4 pounds) and then I stagnated… this group motivated me to continue with my healthy habits.
Diabetes Prevention Program participant

Now that I have taken the Diabetes Prevention Program and have learned many tools to take care of my health, I will continue to eat healthy, being aware of the portions and above all I will continue to do some type of physical activity.
Diabetes Prevention Program participant

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