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CHARLAR, a 12-week program, is a lifestyle program for adults to learn, build skills, and improve health behavior to lower their risks for cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Created in 2009 for the Latino population by Colorado Prevention Center and Vuela for Health, CHARLAR creates an environment where community members support each other in improving their health.

Short-term outcomes include decreases in blood pressure, cholesterol weight and BMI. Long-term outcomes include control of blood pressure and obesity.

CHARLAR’s sessions will help you to improve your health:

  • Help you improve your mental health
  • Eat and cook healthier
  • Purchase healthy foods on any budget
  • Read and understand food labels
  • Make physical activity easy and fun
  • Help quit smoking

Also included is FREE screenings for blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, and a personal heart health profile.

Since 2009 we have changed the lives of approximately 3500 participants with the CHARLAR with an average reduction in Systolic Blood Pressure of 11 and an average reduction in LDL Cholesterol of 14.

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Some of the things I acquired thanks to the CHARLAR program are:

  • Take care of my health
  • When I heard “Strengthen your future”, I began to think about myself and take care of myself.

Since I took the Vuela classes I feel very motivated.

CHARLAR participant

Before taking the CHARLAR program, I believed that excess food was a sign that we were healthy (if you don’t eat, you’re going to get sick); and I learned that we don’t need to eat excessively, if we have a balanced diet with healthy or quality food.

I highly recommend this program, because you learn many tools to take care of your health every day.

CHARLAR participant

I took the Vuela program because I really like learning new things to take care of myself because I have diabetes and take medication, and in Vuela I found support for that.

Before being part of this program, I had no initiative to do something for myself, now, Vuela has inspired me to give myself that time to attend classes and make the changes that help me, I give myself time to take care of myself.

CHARLAR participant

Thanks to the CHARLAR program, now I pay much more attention to the food I eat, so that it is as healthy as possible. I learned to identify the bad habits I had in my diet, and in the classes, Vuela gave me the tools to gradually change them.

Before taking the CHARLAR program, I had heard and read about some of the topics taught, but I didn’t give them much importance; now, I am more aware of the changes that I can implement to improve my lifestyle.

CHARLAR participant

In the CHARLAR program I gained knowledge about:

  • What are the recommended food portions
  • Identify the symptoms of diseases
  • How to have healthy habits

Since I took the Vuela classes I feel very motivated.

CHARLAR participant

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