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This project is funded by the Colorado Health Foundation “CONFIANZA Program”. Improve your connection with your loved ones to build trust between you.

5 FREE classes where we will talk about:

  • Our brain and its development
  • Self-regulation
  • The role of empathy and self-empathy in our relationships
  • How to make agreements with our loved ones instead of AGAINST them
  • Recognize our own history, experience, fear, paradigms, feelings and how they are reflected in the way we relate to others
  • Difference between limits, agreements, power, respect and way of expressing love
  • Tools to stay connected with our loved ones
  • How to handle everyday stress

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I wanted information that would help me in my day to day to better understand the things that happen and that sometimes it is difficult to deal with them.

Just when I was having problems with my daughter, I came to the Confidence (CONFIANZA) class and I learned to talk to her, I learned to laugh with her, I learned to be with her, to be her friend and I will continue to cultivate our relationship.
My daughter recognized that I was behaving differently and as a thank gesture, she gave me flowers and chocolates.

Confianza participant

Before taking the Confidence (CONFIANZA) program, I was like a ship at sea with no direction. Since I learned a lot of tools in the show, now I’m going to steer that ship and decide where I want to go.

Confianza participant

I recommend that people take the Confidence (CONFIANZA) program because there are problems that we don’t realize exist and they are problems that affect our families. By paying attention or going to this class, it’s like waking up from something that was asleep inside of you and not knowing why you were in that condition.

Confianza participant

Some of the valuable lessons I have learned that have left a deep impression on me thanks to the Confidence (CONFIANZA) program are:

  • To let my daughter be herself
  • Leave what I learned at home in the past and be truly me
  • Have peace with me and have peace in everything I do, because that’s how I transmit it to the people around me, especially my family
Confianza participant

Thanks to the Confidence (CONFIANZA) program, I learned to listen to people without living their problems (be empathic).

Confianza participant

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