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Centers for Preventative Health Initiative

Centers for Preventative Health Initiative

Vuela is within the community offering physical and/or mental health-focused programming and services related to heart-health, diabetes prevention and healthy cooking as well as offering important health testing such as A1C (test to determine pre-diabetes or diabetes) and also COVID-19 and Flu vaccines.  Through funding provided by Centura’s Health Equity and Advancement, Vuela’s Centers for Preventative Health Initiative create access points in local Metro Denver churches and other organizations where the Latino community lives, with our Promotoras in each identified location weekly to access preventive health services such as:

  • Screening for prediabetes and diabetes (A1C test)
  • Weight/obesity (BMI)
  • Chronic kidney disease (urine protein measurement or blood creatinine test)
  • Hypertension (blood pressure check)
  • Assistance in scheduling breast or cervical cancer screenings
  • Identifying clinics for physical and mental well-being services as needed.


Our team is also trained as Connect for Health Assisters so can help with Medicaid and CHIP enrollment processes.

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